The Algerlight has been the dental ceiling light of choice in dental and medical offices worldwide since 1965

Alger Light With Remote

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Alger Light With Footswitch

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Product Description

The AlgerLight with LED is a ceiling dental light that is wireless, and remote controlled. It has been in use in orthodontic and dental offices worldwide since 1965. It has been re-designed and improved into what we consider an energy efficient, trouble-free and versatile operating light. Additional features include:


  • RF Handheld or footswitch controllers
  • Both up/down and lateral movement
  • Light weight (no additional support is needed in the ceiling)
  • Easily mounted in suspended or sheetrock ceilings
  • Can be recessed for an aesthetic, flush-type mounting in suspended ceilings

From Our Satisfied AlgerLight with LED Users:

"Kunik Orthodontics have been using the AlgerLight since 1991. We recently remodeled a section of our office and were without our AlgerLight temporarily. Normally this may have not been a problem, but our office relies on the brightness of the AlgerLight. The new optical lights helps with aging doctor and dental assistants' eyes. The light is a direct beam and it is easy to adjust when a patient is moving around in the dental chair. We didn’t know how much we depended on the AlgerLight until it was gone. The AlgerLight has since been installed and I can bond second molars with ease. Kunik Orthodontics is grateful for our AlgerLight and we highly recommend."

—Randy Kunik DDS, Kunik Orthodontics

"I want to give my highest recommendation for the AlgerLight. We have had them in our office and see how easy they are to use. There aren’t any more complaints by assistants that they hit their head because the light is brilliantly mounted to the ceiling and there is not any arm to adjust. The large focal area and brightness makes it user friendly for anyone especially a dental practitioner. I highly recommend the AlgerLight. Please give this product your strongest consideration when building out your ideal office."

—Gracie Sturdivant DDS

"I have been using the original AlgerLight since the early 70's which was on the leading edge in dental lights. It is hard to believe that the Alger Company could improve an already great light with one that has a wireless footswitch and LED technology. They are a quality company that manufactures excellent products made in America. The customer service is awesome as you get to talk to a real person."

—Philip J. Corbin, DDS, MS, MPH

I have owned AlgerLights for over 40 years. Several satellite offices had other more traditional dental lights but nothing compares to the simple function, aesthetics and durability of the AlgerLight. It’s a family owned and operated business and they treat everyone like part of their family. Definitely a 5 star experience. Love the foot controlled ones the best.

—W.J . Mardaga, DDS, MSD

I have had an Alger light in my office for 2 years now and it changed my life!! I don't know how I ever did surgical procedures without it! The customer service is amazing and I will soon be getting another one!!

—Marshall Brown, DDS

For over 40 years I practiced orthodontics with overhead fluorescent lights as do many ov my colleagues. When I recently renovated my office, I add Alger Lights with LED, and it transformed my vision. These lights added clarity, easy adjustments and a contemporary ceiling design that opens and augments the office decor. !

—Larry W. White, DDS, MSD

I have been using your Alger Light II for the past 12 years in my main treatment area. They have been great. I love telling my patients the history of the light. Everyone always comments how cool they look! It is great to watch the patients try to figure our how they are moving. When I built my new office, I added a private treatment area separate from my treatment bay. I am excited to have your new LED Alger Light in this space. Setting it up is easy since it only requires a junction box in the ceiling - easily placed by an electrician. My staff and I always appreciate having hand free operating lights. In the midst of COVID-19 you can call them "no contact" lights! Thanks again for creating these lights and for your supurb costomer service!

—Dr. Leslie Fullerton, Conroe, TX

AlgerLight Specifications

  • Weight ONLY 5 lbs
  • Long lasting LED light source
  • Adjustable up and down, as well as laterally
  • ETL listed
  • Very low power consumption
  • Recessed or surface mounted
  • Wireless remote control
  • Simplified installation and wiring
  • 110V/220V
  • Dimensions: W 15 1/2”, L 16 1/2”, H 5 1/2”

  • Wireless RF Remote Control for the AlgerLight with LED

    When you choose the battery-operated Wireless RF Remote you put the ability to precisely control the light in the palm of your hand.

  • Up and Down control (head to foot)
  • Lateral (left to right) control
  • Easy pairing and setup
  • Instruction sheet included
  • Remote slips easily into a protective sheath for hygienically safe operation
  • Lanyard included
  • Easy battery replacement

  • Wireless RF Remote Foot Switch for the AlgerLight with LED

    When you choose the battery-operated Wireless RF Foot Switch you can control the direction of the beam hand's free.

  • Up and Down control (head to foot)
  • Lateral (left to right) control
  • Foot Switch comes paired with the light from the factory
  • Instruction sheet included
  • “AA” lithium battery

  • Easy Set-Up and Alignment

  • A. Proper AlgerLight set up includes aiming the beam to tightly illuminate the mouth of a patient.
  • B. The AlgerLight can be positioned up to 12" off center and function properly depending upon the office set
  • C. The beam angle allows for proper illumination in various stages of reclining.
  • D. The AlgerLight should be aligned between the knee and hip of the patient.

  • AlgerLight Two Year Warranty

    The AlerLight comes with a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the event of failure of the product, we will, at our discretion, provide one of the following options:

  • If determined the defective part can easily be replaced by the customer, a new replacement part will be sent free of charge along with detailed instructions for replacing the defective part.
  • Otherwise, the defective unit will need to be returned free of charge for repair or replacement pending inspection.